Lager vessel

Designed for after-fermentation of beer. Young beer is fed to the vessel, the beer is stored in the vessel and matures till it is fully ready. During the after-fermentation process a certain temperature is maintained with the help of the internal coil or external cooling jacket, depending on the vessel volume. Vessels can be either vertical or horizontal, depending on the location on site, the dimensions of the room, the cooling system of the room, etc. Following after-fermentation the beer is ready and can be sent for bottling (unfiltered beer) or to the filtration unit, and then for bottling or in the beer storage section (bright beer section).
– the vessel is fabricated from stainless steel 1.4301 (08Х18Н10) of import production;
– the internal surface roughness does not exceed Ra 0,63 mkm;

– top fittings;
– washing head for vessel cleaning;
– elliptical maintenance manhole 340/440 located on the head for horizontal design or flap cone manhole DN 450 on the lower conical head, for vertical design;
– heat exchange system;
– heat insulation;
– set of instrumentation;
– set of pipelines, stop and safety valves.