About the company


ZAVKOM Industries was established in 1933 as a production plant manufacturing process equipment for alcohol industry. For many years it has been the leading company in Russia and neighbouring countries supplying process equipment for portable alcohol, ethanol and vodka plants.


Since 1934 the plant began equipment manufacture for chemical industry.

The fist desalination plant and heat exchangers for shipbuilding industry were produced in 1948 (nuclear icebreaker "Lenin" project).

Since 1992 the Company expands its activity in beverage industry – now we are able to provide complex solutions for distilleries, vodka plants, wineries, breweries, non-alcoholic beverages, water treatment plants.

In 1998 the plant began manufacture of process equipment for oil refineries.

In 2000 equipment for gas processing industry was supplied.

In 2001 equipment for nuclear power industry was supplied under Kolskaya NPP project.

In 2003 ZAVKOM Industries designed, manufactured and supplied equipment for Nuclear Power Industry projects: Kolskaya NPP (Russia), Novovoronezh NPP (Russia).

Since 2004 ZAVKOM Industries works as a general contractor for advanced grain processing project: bioethanol, gluten and starch plant (Russia).

In 2010 the Company acts as a designer and supplier of process equipment for enzyme factory.


Nowadays the Company is one of the leading engineering companies with its own production facilities. We provide complex solutions for ethanol, bioethanol, beverage industries as well as supply process equipment for chemical, gas&oil, nuclear industries. During many years of operation we designed and supplied many plants in Russia and abroad. Technological know-how and high quality guarantee success of our clients’ projects.