Manufacture of dairy products

Automatic CIP Stations

Automatic washing stations (CIP) with a capacity of up to 45 cubic meters per hour
purpose: washing and chemical disinfection of process equipment, pipelines, tanks, heat exchangers, milk trucks
design: modular (on a single frame, assembled) and stationary (installation in the Customer’s shop)

functional operations:

  • rinsing with cold water
  • rinsing with warm water
  • circulating washer with alkaline washing solution
  • hot water rinsing
  • circulation washing with acidic washing solution
  • rinsing with hot water
  • sterilization with hot water or disinfecting solution
  • displacement of cleaning solutions and water by air


  • the number of vessels for storage of washing solutions and water is selected depending on the requirements of production; the station can include from 3 to 6 tanks (cold water, hot water, acid washing solution, alkaline washing solution, a vessel for collecting rinsing water, a vessel for neutralizing washing solutions).
  • the station can include from 1 to 3 independently operating washing circuits; each washing circuit is completed with a pump with frequency feed control, a heater of washing solutions (plate or shell and tube heat exchanger), an electromagnetic flowmeter, a set of stop valves with pneumatic actuators, a system of displacement of water and air solutions.
  • system of automatic dosing of concentrated washing and disinfecting solutions (vessels for concentrates, dosing pumps, set of piping).
  • water disinfection unit
  • energy-saving system (thermal recovery)
  • system for diagnosing emergency situations, sound and light warning, identification of failed station units
  • a color graphic touch-sensitive touch panel (STN, VGA) or a computer
  • The control system is based on the industrial controllers SIMATIC and TSX Micro


  • possibility of repeated use of washing solutions
  • possibility of collection of rinsing water
  • maintenance of a given concentration of washing solutions in automatic mode
  • built-in function of washing solutions (no additional installation required)
  • automatic and manual mode of operation
  • individual washing programs for different objects
  • feedback function with the washing unit objects
  • possibility of control of the return pumps
  • possibility of neutralization of detergent solutions
  • economy steam consumption due to heat recuperation system
  • economy consumption of detergents by means of control of conductivity when displacing washing solutions and water from the washing unit circuits.