Nuclear industry

Nuclear industry

Since 2000 JSC “ZAVKOM” develops and produces the folloving equipment for nuclear plants: vessels with mixing devices, filters, ion filters, heat exchangers, vapor vessels, separators, and various vessel equipment which is 2,3,4 safety class.

Our clients are: Kolskaya NPP, Novovoronezghskaya NPP, Smolenskaya NPP, Kaliniskaya NPP, Beloyarskaya NPP, KudanKulam NPP and others.

Today the enterprise employs specialists who provide engineering and manufacturing expertise according to laws and regulations which defines quality and reliability of equipment for nuclear power plants.

JSC “ZAVKOM” has the following lisences for ecological, technological and nuclear supervision:

  • ЦО-11-101-7787 from 20.02.2014
  • ЦО-12-101-7787 from 20.02.2014
  • ЦО-11-115-7786 from 20.02.2014
  • ЦО-12-115-8446 from 15.01.2015
  • ЦО-У02-101-8665 from 18.05.2015

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