Nuclear industry

Equipment for nuclear industry

Vessel equipment: Tanks of deactivating solutions, montejus, tanks pressure head, vessels for storage of acids and alkalis, tanks of reception of liquid radioactive wastes, condensate collections, tanks for a filtrate and slim, batchbox of alkaline and acid waterfloodings, deactivation baths, nitrogen and hydrogen receivers, air collectors, and also any non-standard vessel equipment. Any other vessel equipment necessary for the Customer with diameter to 6m in a ready kind with thickness of walls to 40 mm. Large-sized devices it is delivered in the disassembled kind with the subsequent assemblage of the equipment on site.

Devices with mechanical and hydraulic mixing devices: synthetic detergent, surface-active agents, soda ash, polyphosphate of sodium in volume from 0,2 to 40 m3 internal and external devices of heating.

The heatexchange equipment: coolers, heat exchangers, regenerative heat exchangers, sampling coolers, evaporating devices with and another necessary for the Customer heatexchange equipment.

The water treatment equipment and the equipment of extra water cleaning: mechanical filters, ion-exchange filter, filters-regenerators, clarification filters, filters-traps, mixers of defoaming agent, hydrooverload filters, the filters of preclearing filtering installations.

Sectional heat insulation for pipelines and the equipment reactor sections of nuclear stations.

Filtering systems input pumps of emergency shut-down cooling of pipeline of first contour of the atomic power station.

The equipment for a complex on recycling of a liquid radioactive waste.

The various non-standard equipment.