Pharmaceutical industry

Pharmaceutical industry

We offer tanks, columns and heat exchangers for primary pharmaceutical manufacturing companies and ones of a total cycle. From substances up to ready medicines.

The design solutions of produced equipment are subject to GMP regulations.

- Fermenters and reactors up to 200 m3
to run under an absolute vacuum and overpressure of relief preserving mediums up to 16 MPa.

- Shell and tube heat exchangers with fixed tube plates, temperature compensators, floating heads, U-shaped pipes, intensified with heat transfer area up to 2000m2
- Vacuum evaporators, thermosyphon evaporators and flow faucets of various modifications
- Columns equipment for absorption, desorption and rectification cycles with height up to 30 meters, up to 60 tons all-welded and ring types.
- Silo Park for storage of bulk and liquid products