Production of champagne and wine

Blending section

For blending, it is desirable to have 3 to 4 varietal wine materials. Wine materials are fed into the blending tank. The amount of each varietal wine material in the blend is determined by the results of the design of the test bland and should ensure that the finished blend is in compliance with the requirements of champagne production in terms of chemical composition and organoleptic characteristics.

Mixing of wine materials to a homogeneous constitution is occured in the blending tank. Mixing time is established by experiment. Ready blend is fed to cold processing with a pump. Cold traetment is carried out at a temperature of -3 -4 ° С with its holding for 1-2 days in the tank. The blend subjected to cold treatment is filtered on a plate filter. Then the blend goes to soak for 30 days in tanks.

Upon completing holding time, the blend from the transceiver tank, if it is necessary, is sent to the pasteurization at a temperature of 60-65 ° C in the pasteurization plant or without pasteurization goes directly to the filter.