Technology of beer production includes the following stages:

Malt milling - the germination of cereal grains (usually barley), drying and cleaning of germs.
Mashing - malt is ground and mixed with water. The mixture then becomes sweet taste.
Mash filtering - mash is pumped into the filter - vat, where it is divided into wort without hop and spent grain.
Wort boiling - the wort with hops, and other ingredients, cooked for 1-2 hours.
Clarification of the wort - wort is pumped into a whirlpool to remove insoluble residues of barley and hops.
Cooling and aeration of wort - the wort is pumped into a fermentation tank.
Fermentation - simple sugars in the wort with yeast transformed into alcohol and carbon dioxide.
Filtering - beer is filtered from the remnants of yeast.
Pasteurization - some beers are pasteurized - heated to a temperature of 68-72 ° C, for longer storage.


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