The technology of production of vodka and liquor

Vodka technologyAlcohol is pumped from alcohol storage section through measuring tanks into alcohol collectors. Treated water from water treatment section is fed into treated water collectors. Water and alcohol is pumped from collectors into mixing tank, where they are mixed up to 40% vol. concentration. After that alcohol-water mixture of 40% concentration is fed into tanks for alcohol-water mixture to finish hydration. Next part of the mixture is fed through silver filtration unit into buffer tanks for neutral vodka; the other part of the mixture is fed to a plate heat exchanger where it is cooled down to 160С. Then the mixture is pumped into head tanks, wherefrom the mixture by gravity flows through filtration battery, which consists of sand filters and carbon colon. Filtration speed is regulated for each category of vodka and controlled by flow meters. Vodka technologyDesign of the filtration battery allows washing carbon using treated water. This is done to lower activated alkalinity of carbon, that significantly improves vodka quality.

Neutral vodka treated with activated carbon and quartz sand is fed into buffer tanks, from which it is fed into units for ingredients stream filling where neutral vodka and ingredients are mixed. The unit is designed for accurate input of ingredients into vodka as well as for having 40° strength of final product.

After ingredients are filled and strength is corrected, final product is fed into storage tanks before bottling. Vodka is fed from tanks through fine filters for bottling.