A solemn event was held in ZAVKOM JSC
12.05.2021 06:46


April 28 - World Labor Protection Day. Each year, it is held on a specific topical topic. In 2021, this is the theme: "To anticipate a crisis and be prepared for it is to invest now in adequate occupational health and safety systems."

By tradition, ZAVKOM JSC awards employees who take an active part in creating healthy and safe working conditions at the enterprise, as well as constantly comply with the requirements, rules, instructions and standards of labor protection on the World Labor Protection Day. This year, 16 factory workers were awarded certificates of honor and cash prizes. Congratulating the employees, S. V. Bulakh, General Director of ZAVKOM JSC, stressed: "Over the past 10 years, the attitude of the personnel towards compliance with labor protection rules has changed for the better. Employees have become more disciplined, and there is a clear understanding that the requirements for occupational safety and health are justified and necessary. After all, the points of the rules on labor protection are made and are made after accidents, they are written in blood."

Today, a new challenge for employers, trade unions, and health and safety professionals is the COVID-19 pandemic, which has affected most aspects of the world of work. The management of ZAVKOM JSC takes all necessary measures to prevent the spread of coronavirus infection. In the health center of the enterprise, an inoculation campaign against coronavirus is being carried out, and free antibody testing is planned for employees of ZAVKOM JSC.