Column equipment


  • Internal diameter
    up to 9700 mm
  • Length
    up to 100 m
  • Масса
    up to 130 tons


For equipment inquiries please contact us at or dial +7 4752 793 576

Types of equipment

  • Columns with trays
  • Columns with packages
  • Columns for rectification, absorption, desorption process

ZAVKOM JSC is a modern multi-profile enterprise with a powerful production, technical and intellectual potential.

Columns can be manufactured with various internal mass-exchange devices: valve, cap, sieve, tunnel, valve-sieve plates, regular and bulk packings. Columns are manufactured in complete and disassembled conditions (for transportation and further site assembling).
Columns are developed on individual projects and can be made of corrosion-resistant and carbon steels, aluminum, bimetals and alloys.