Production of heads and bottoms


  • Elliptical – inner diameter
    300 mm to 800 mm
  • Elliptical-thickness
    3-6 mm
  • Torospherical – internal diameter
    900 mm to 7200 mm
  • Torospherical thickness
    4-26 mm


For equipment inquiries please contact us at Svetlana Antseva +7 4752 793 795; Andrey Panyushkin
+7 4752 793 711

Material of construction

  • Carbon steels (St3ps, etc.)
  • Low-alloy steels (09G2S, etc.);
  • High-alloy and corrosion-resistant steels (12X18N10T, 08X18N10, 08X18N10T, 03X17N14M3, 10X17N13M2T)
  • Copper (M3)
  • Aluminum (AD0, AD1)

It is possible to manufacture compound heads with a diameter larger than D 7200 mm.

In 2004, the plant mastered the serial production of torispherical, pseudo-elliptical, conical and flat heads on the imported equipment of the firm "Schleifstein" (press for free forming, flanging machine).

Upon the customer’s request the heads can be heat-treated, the edges and inner surfaces can be processed (etching, grinding, blasting), inspection of welded joints can be performed.

Heads are manufactured in accordance with TU 36150600021736605

All products are certified and can be manufactured according to Russian state standard (GOST), German standard (DIN) and the USA standard (ASME).